BiOneCure Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of innovative medicines for the treatment of cancer and enhancing cancer patients’ lives.

Our mission is to provide first-in-class and best-in-class antibody-based medicines to cancer patients with unmet medical needs.

Our research focuses on creating innovative technology platforms and adopting a multifaceted approach to develop new medicines that exceed current treatments.  Our drug development pipeline comprises a variety of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) including classic ADCs, bispecific ADCs, and bifunctional ADCs.  BiOneCure has developed a number of proprietary novel cytotoxic agents with new mechanisms of action (MoAs) that allow our ADC drugs to have a better therapeutic index, which is critical for the success of ADCs in clinical use. We have also developed bispecific antibody-based ADCs enabling enhanced specificity for tumor targeting and limited toxicity to normal cells. Bifunctional ADCs combine the functions of chemoactivity and immune modulating activity.




Bispecific ADCs